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NEWS (Scroll down to learn why you should purchase a Gamestick)

9/23/14:  New Interview with Davide Pasca (Final Freeway 2R) of OYK Game

9/18/14:  PRICE DROP ON TALES OF ILLYRIA 1 and 2.  Now Only $.99 each!  UnReviewed Games has a link or just purchase through your Gamestick.  

9/12/14:  New Release:  QUANTIC PINBALL

9/01/14: New Interview:  Ali Motisi, Lead Developer for SOUND RIDE (OutOfTheBit Company)

8/31/14: GAMESTICK IS NOW $19.99 via Gamestop Website!!!

Scroll down to Purchase Link.


8/17/14: New Interview:  Jorg Winterstein (BLOO KID)


8/06/14: New Interview with Mike L., developer of USAGI YOJIMBO game

8/01/14: New Review:  AQUAVENTURE

7/29/14:  New Interview with Robert Cummings (The OTher Brothers)

7/29/14:  Upcoming Interviews in the next few weeks with Michael from Usagi Yojimbo and Jorg of Bloo Kid

7//24/14:  New Interview with Matthew of the LvLn Adventure

7/19/14:  New Review:  Epic Eric

7/18/14:  New Interview with Tales of Illyria's Little Killerz

7/11/14:  New interview with 232 Studios, Neil Glenister (Epic Eric)

7/05/14:  New interview with FIST OF AWESOME"S NICOLL HUNT

7/04/14: New Release:  GAMESTICK EXCLUSIVE 1st:  EPIC ERIC

6/26/14: Interview with Shadow Blade's Amir Fassihi from Dead Mage Studios

6/22/14:  Interview with Battlebow's and Stop the Birds Developer Michael Buettner from Haybyte Studios with Concept Art.  (Interviews under the More Tab if not already visible.)

6/16/14:  New Interview with the lead developer behind the hit SMASH COPS from Hutch Games.  (Under the MORE tab, click Interviews.)

6/12/14 - GUNSLUGS REVIEW added

Welcome To Gamestick Gaming.  This is an unofficial site to support the Gamestick.


What is the Gamestick?  A portable android gaming and entertainment device you plug in to your HDMI port on your tv.  The game storage dongle/console slides in the top of the controller for easy storage and portability. 


Why bother purchasing a Gamestick when there are other similar devices available?  The Gamestick offers a slowly growing library of games in where you can easily pick up and play. 

Some of the games you enjoy on a mobile device are better suited on a bigger screen and more enjoyable using a controller rather than a touch screen.  Granted, you don't have access to the Google Play store, App Store, or Amazon, you still have 80+ games to enjoy on the big screen with more new ones releasing each week (with some being free of charge).  Remember, majority of the games found on Google Play and the other stores are not controller compatible.  Plus, you can use TOFU as your XBMC to play videos, music, or view pictures.  Not bad for a $49.99 $19.99 console you can purchase from Gamestop. 






If I was to purchase a Gamestick, what is the setup like?  You pull the dongle/console out of the controller, plug it in the HDMI port of your tv (a small HDMI extender is included if your port is out of reach), and turn the power switch on after its been charged.  Hold down on the power button on the controller to get your bluetooth controller paired with the dongle.  Once the GameStick loads and connects to your internet, just follow the steps on the tv screen to connect to the Gamestick Store. Gamestick requires a credit card, however; PlayJam (Creator of the Gamestick) has now added PayPal, and Gamestick Vouchers to use with their store. 



So now that the Gamestick is up and running connected to the store, how do I purchase the games?  You can either go to the settings and add funds to your account or you can click on any of the games, read the description, view the pictures or videos, and click on the Buy button.  It will then prompt you to add funds if needed or confirm your purchase.  Note: For security reasons it will ask you for your Gamestick password before each purpose. 

Are there any other accessories to the Gamestick?  Yes, there is the Protective Case and also the DOCK, each sold separately.   


What is the DOCK?  The Dock is a charging station with Ethernet Connectivity and 3 USB ports to allow microphones, keyboards, a mouse, and other devices to use with the Gamestick.  It also provides additional storage via a SD card.  (Remember your Gamestick Dongle already has 8 GB  storage along with up to 32 GB of extra storage via a Micro SD Slot on it.) This wirelessly charges your Controller.  Nice. 

Where do I purchase the Gamestick?  Well, for $19.99 you can purchase it from Gamestop!



Create games? Need a system to play it on?  Click the link below.


Develop for the Gamestick? Click the link below.


Have questions in regards to porting your game to the Gamestick?  Click the link below.