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Look, it's so shiny. 

AQUAVENTURE Synopsis/Review

     I was on the fence with purchasing this for a long time.  I managed to play a quick demo and soon realized this is going to be a fun little Venture.  AquaVenture is a puzzle movement game.  You move, other objects move. 


Review Continued

     A mini-sub toilet plunges your friend  hostage and demands 100 gems for his/her release.  So off you submerge yourself in the depths to collect those gems.  As mentioned earlier, every time you move in a direction, other objects on the screen move as well.  You soon learn you really need to plan out your moves in order to grab those gems before you are caught by one of the several underwater creatures. 

This should be no sweat...right?

Review Continued

     Oh, and it is not just simple move left, right, up, or down.  No, some levels require  object moving or solving puzzles in a dimly-lit area.  Thankfully, you can restart at anytime and instantly.   If I was to find any complaints, I would say the length, as it is short.  However; at $1.99, it is still worth it.

4 out of 5 stars

Sliding on a Sunny Day

EPIC ERIC Synopsis/Review

    Choose between the hero or heroine to reach each and every tower.  This is the basic plot of the game, but the fun is not in the plot, but rather the game itself. 



Review Continued

     You are going to use physics and the law of gravity to time your jumps and slides to hook on to objects in order to obtain your goal.  Be ready to encounter some close calls and button tap timing failure.  Epic Eric will provide a lot of missteps, but they are steps you will want to attempt over and over until you reach the tower or snatch all the hanging stars.

Night Time Swinging

Review Continued

    It's a great pick up and play game.  Controls were pretty spot on.  My only complaint is the need for a little more depth.  I would love to take this character and drop him in a "Mario" type world with the option of having a little weapon.  It's hard to take away points from it, because that is not what the game is aimed at.  I think most will enjoy this little adventure, so pick it up while it is still 25% off.   $1.99

3.5 out of 5 stars

Ward off swarms of demons


 BATTLEBOW Synopsis/Review


     Equip your Bow and prepare to fend off oncoming demons.  Aim, release, repeat.  Are you quick and accurate enough to prevent the demons from taking the land?     

     At first, BattleBow doesn't seem like much, but there is quite a bit of depth behind the scenes.  You choose a character, based on their classification and attributes, you begin your quest to rid the land of demons. 

BattleBow Shoot The Demons


Review Continued

 You are planted on one spot on the screen and as the demons ascend, you use your analog stick to aim and fire your bow.  If they get too close, you use your hand weapon to finish what you started.  It would have been nice to allow your character to move along the screen, maybe on a future update.  Along the way you gain experience points and awarded treasure.  You can use the treasure to increase your stats or the "gold" to purchase better equipment. 

Co-Op Play



Review Continued


 The game ramps up its difficulty pretty fast, so you have to be patient and build your attributes.  If you are willing to take the time to do that, then you are in for a treat.  Depending on where you are at, the release of your speed is a big factor.  If you are feeling overwhelmed you can have a friend join you in the co-op mode.  Of course you need a 2nd controller.  $2.99


4 out of 5 stars

Run, Jump, Avoid the Enemy



     Is this James Bond from the early days?

The music, the setting, the cutscenes...Nope, it's the Button Affair.

    The Button Affair involves Enzo Gabriel who is out  steal the priceless Button Jewel from the wealthy Victor Meirelles.

    If you enjoy Canabalt or Vector, chances are you will enjoy this.

The Button Affair

Review Continued

    Besides running from point a to point b, you will roll past enemies, dodge obstacles, jump pitfalls, avoid traps, and even try to duck overpasses on a moving train. 

    If you miss a step or don't time things right, Enzo will meet his doom, in which you will be treated to a quick death scene.  This little scene heightens the experience as there are multiple cut scenes to make the story flow.  The artwork and soundtrack are both brilliant.  It is so James Bondish. 

Gabriel...Enzo Gabriel

Review Continued

    The only downfall of this game is the length.  It is pretty short and you are left wanting more.  Maybe the developers will extend it in a future update.

    If you choose to purchase this game, you should know that the proceeds go to the Special Effect Foundation, a foundation to provide better gaming experience for those with disabilities.  That is worth the low price alone.  $1.49

4 out of 5 stars (5 if it was longer)

Up, Slice, Up, Slice, Up...


   Knightmare Tower is one of those games you continue to play telling yourself, "I can make it a bit farther with one more try." 

   You are the knight.  You rescue princesses.  You shoot up the incredible towers via a rocket.

Along the way, you slice, dice, and bounce off the various critters. 

Knightmare Tower

Review Continued

     The game is a blast!  You start out as bare-bones knight trying to rocket your way up the first castle tower.  You earn and collect coins to beef up your armor, abilities, and of course your rocket. 

     What goes up must come down.  When you start to descend, you must slice a monster as you position yourself to land directly on top of them. This gives you an upward boost.  If you miss, you lose speed and height.  If you get hit, you lose hearts, and you die. 


Hmmm...What to power up? 

Review Continued

     The enjoyment really comes when you earn enough to increase your abilities.  It becomes exciting to see those new abilities really progress your game time. 

     This would have been a game that swallowed many a quarter back in the days of the arcades.  "One more quarter, just one more."  $3.99

5 out of 5 stars

Live coverage

SMASH COPS Synopsis/Review

     High intense action.  The game is in the name.  You literally use your squad car to pursue the criminal and demolish their getaway vehicle. 

     You're going to love the bird's eye view from the helicopter.  It just adds to the excitement as your chase unfolds live on the news. 

Smash Cops

Review Continued


  The levels vary.  You'll go from chasing the bad guys to the bad guys chasing you.  Some levels require you to reach a bank before a robbery takes place or along those lines.  With a push of a button, you'll give yourself a speed boost to do more than normal damage to the criminal.  Be careful, because the extra boosts are limited and your car is also vulnerable to taking damage. 


That's going to leave a mark

Review Continued

    Fortunately, you can collect donuts or receive high markings to earn yourself much more powerful vehicles. 

    My only gripe is the control, but it is minor.  The icing on the cake is this game is free, making it a must download.  FREE

5 out of 5 stars.

The well is filling up

DR. BULBACEOUS Synopsis/Review

     Similar to other puzzle games, you need to match 3 of the same balls to clear them away.  With 100 levels, the water in the well rises and the pressure builds.

Dr. Bulbaceous Puzzle Solver

Review Continued


    Your "fishing" line swings back and forth and you need to release your ball at the right time in order for it to land where you want it.  It starts off easy enough, but as the well gets deeper, more obstacles will try to prevent you from clearing the stage.  The longer you take, the higher the water rises.  Once your line snags an object below, it's game over. 

Release that colored ball

Review Continued

    Earning "coins" allows you to switch your current ball with a different object to aid you during trying times.  This can be done during mid-play.   It would have been nice if this version was 2-player.  All puzzle games should have this option.  Otherwise, a great puzzle game with all the frustrations. $2.99

4 out of 5 stars


"didn't think this one through"

PRINCE OF PERSIA Synopsis/Review


    One of those old classics makes its way to the Gamestick.  If you aren't familiar with the Persia series, then click the purchase button and get ready for a platform adventure.  

Prince of Persia Shadow and the Flame

Review Continued

     A wanderer/prince has his work cut out for him.  This isn't just a one direction platform.  No, there is a little more required here.  You need to climb up and down, leap pitfalls, avoid deadly traps, and find your way out of each level.  Besides those "pesky" obstacles, you still need to face some enemies.  Get ready to defend and attack. 

A real cliff hanger

Review Continued

      Overall it's a pretty fun exploring platform experience.  Once again, the downfall for me is the stiff controls.  Sometimes your prince will overshoot a direction.  You really need to learn to adjust to this if you plan on making it to the end.


4 out of 5 stars

Hate to burst your bubble

MIMPI Synopsis/Review


   Is it a dream or a frustrating nightmare?  Welcome to the world of Mimpi.  A cross breed of platform and puzzle.  Get ready to make your way from caves below, to the bodies of water, to the forest, and even the sky itself.  You just don't simply stroll from one point to the next.  No, you have to solve puzzles throughout every step.


Review Continued


      You use your analog stick and right trigger to point and click objects blending in the background to manipulate your path.  Sometimes the control can get frustrating during spots you need to rush.  Other times...well you can take all the time you need.  Along the way you can pick up clues or you can purchase in game clues (literally purchase with real money) to aid you when you are  truly stuck. 

Solve it already

Review Continued


   Just looking at the pictures above, you know the art style is dreamy in itself.  Once again, the gripe is the controls.  Thankfully, there are many checkpoints.  The in game purchases, which some probably won't need, is kind of a bummer.



3.5 out of 5 stars

Ready for NBA Tryouts

SHADOW BLADE Synopsis/Review


    Ever play any of the old Ninja Gaiden games on the Nes?  Wish they would have continued the series in the same vein?  Well, Shadow Blade is about as close as your going to get.  Get ready to traverse over obstacles, avoid the many edge killers, take out the baddies, and blaze through one of the best games to grace mobile gaming. 

Shadow Blade

Review Continued


    This is one fluid game.  The physical controls work much better than a touch screen.  Jumps and double jumps need to be timed, wall climbing, via ping ponging, needs to be as percise as if you were Spider-Man, and if all possible, take the enemy out before they are aware.  

Shouldn't there be a bridge?

Review Continued


    Unlike Ninja Gaiden, Shadow Blade shows a little more mercy in the difficult department.  Plus, once you complete the level, it saves the progress for future playing.  Anyone would have easily paid the Old Nes prices of around $40 back in the day, so I have no qualms about shelling out $4.99 for this gem.


5 out of 5 stars (easily)

I'd like a large pizza

SHADOWGUN Synopsis/Review


   Shadowgun is popping up all over the place.  From what I hear its an "elementary" version of Gears of War, but I've never played that.  Basically, you shoot anything that moves and solve a few puzzles to advance. 


Review Continued


    It's a First Person Shooter, which is another rarity on the Gamestick, so that genre is still slim pickings.  This isn't a bad one, albeit very limited and scaled down compared to the FPS of the big boy consoles, but it is FREE on the Gamestick.  Graphically, it looks pretty good and runs fairly well for the Gamestick capabilities. 

A hunting we will go

Review Continued


     There are only a few guns to collect and there isn't much in the variety department for enemies, but they are still fun to run, dodge, and attack against.  Be careful though, because some objects you choose to hide behind can be destroyed.   FREE


4 out of 5 stars  (Worth the download)

Now do it blindfolded

RETROID Synopsis/Review


   Single Player Ping Pong on Steriods. You control a paddle and you need to move that paddle to keep the ball bouncing until you clear out all the blocks.


Review Continued


     As you can see from the screens above, there isn't much space between your paddle and the blocks above.  This makes is difficult as your reaction time better be on point.  The controls are also a tad touchy.  Often I overshoot the ball, even though it seemed I stopped in time.

Get use to reading this

Review Continued


    With the Top Trigger buttons you can nudge the ball to the left or right, giving you a slight more control.  To me, I need more space or a setting to slow the ball down a bit, and not just from one of the extra little aids you can try to hit.



3  out of 5 stars (2.5 if it was to cost any more)

(Not actual Gamestick shot, but very close)

TOWELFIGHT 2 Synopsis/Review

    Here is a weird game for you.  You are Hardik and you shoot animals out of the monocle on your face.  Explore a vast area and destroy all threats.  Gain and find all sorts of animals to use as your ammunition.  Each animal in their selves fire differently and also can be equipped with power ups to expand your power.

Towel Fight 2 The Monocle of Destiny

Review Continued

    Yes, you kind of have to see it for yourself.  You can equip 6 different animals at once and you shoot them off endlessly as they spin in a cycle.  There will be portals to find to make transporting much quicker.  Using the left analog stick to move and the right stick to fire. 

Lot of frogs to fire off

Review Continued

     Just a  bizarre game all around.  You'll find more fun in mix matching your acquired animals to see what works best than exploring the levels.


3.5 out of 5 stars

Rippin' those tides

RIPTIDE GP Synopsis/Review

    This game is pretty well known by now.  Grab a jet ski  and plow through the water.  It's kind of the Wave Race version for the mobile android. 

Riptide GP

Review Continued

    There isn't much variety in the racing, besides the wave ripping and the fun flipping.  The controls are good and once you get comfortable with the flow, then the fun begins.

Ride the sky waves

Review Continued

    Even though this is quite an enjoyable racer, I still feel the need for a little more variety.  Having said that, it is a worthwhile purchase and it looks nice on a big screen.  $1.99

4 out of 5 stars

Choose your adventurer

100 ROGUES Synopsis/Review  

     If you aren't familiar with these types of mixed dungeon crawler/slight rpg, don't fret, because 100 Rogues offers a quick tutorial.  Choose one of 4 adventurers and work your way through the dungeons to rid of all evil.  Collect and equip items to enhance your performance.

100 Rogues

Review Continued

   Each character has unique specials such as the crusader can call upon the hand of God to strike down and enemy or even heal the hero. To do a basic enemy attack, you simply keep tapping in the enemies direction...a slight difference than your standard game. 

Explore, Find, Defeat, Repeat

Review Continued

    Oh, get ready to bite the dust over and over.  You finally build yourself up and get so far and boom! Your dead.  Start over.  That gets to be tiresome.  However, if you are one to take a beating and keep getting up, then this game should bring you satisfaction.  It's high priced at $4.99

3.5 out of 5 stars

Pac-Man Squared!

EVAC Synopsis/Review

     Anyone who enjoys Pac-Man will most likely enjoy Evac. 


Review Continued


Gobble up all the dots, sneak by the enemies, and make your way to home.  You can even move some blocks around to trap the enemy.  This adds a nice little twist. 

I like pretty colors

Review Continued


There is also some puzzle elements you need to figure out in order to make it through.  Sometimes the colors are so bright you can get lost (small gripe).   $2.49

4 out 5 stars


HEROES OF LOOT Synopsis/Review

     Here is another Rogue adventure for the Gamestick.  Looks too cute for it's own good.  Like 100 Rogues, you choose 1 of 4 adventures, each with a different ability, and begin exploring the dungeons.  Also like 100 Rogues, once you die, you start over.  It does bite when you make it rather far.

Heroes of LOOT

Review Continued

      Be prepared though, because the dungeons randomly generate a new layout filled with new enemies.  Sometimes you come across a store, but you can't purchase the item due to lack of money so early in the game.  If you manage to earn enough, you can bet that store is long gone.

Can't I just buy the Rune?

Review Continued

     A bonus to this game is that it there is 2 player co-op.  This can be fun as you either work evenly together or you just race to get the loot. 


3.5 out 5 stars

Doing the Van Damme

VECTOR Synopsis/Review

    Society is well controlled and you can't take it anymore.  The only thing to do is run. 

   This is a beautiful running game in which you can earn and perform parkour moves.    You can't perform them any old time you wish, the various moves are located in specific areas for you to time just right. 


Review Continued

    You not only have to avoid the ledges, but also outrun the security police.  The smoother you perform, the better you can outrun them. 

     There tends to be quite a bit of slowdown, weird being it is a runner, but it will either work for you or try your patients. 

But can you move like Jagger?

Review Continued

    My overall opinion is that this is a worthy purchase.  Once you die, you quickly start the run over in order to keep your momentum going.  Just like any other game, you are going to hit some snags, but are you willing to get up and continue running? $ 2.99

4 out of 5 stars

Do the Monster Mash

SCI-FIGHTERS Synopsis/Review

    One of the very few party games on the Gamestick.  Up to 4 players can play (If you have 4 controllers).  Select from 4 different sci-fi characters, adjust some game settings to your liking, and let the mayhem begin.


Review Continued

    Once you and your friends are set, you are thrown in to a scene.  Besides trying to take one another out, you also have to tend with One Large Enemy who is trying to eat you all.  This is where it gets whacky.  Some of the items you can pick up are a delight.  My favorite is the "bait" sauce.  Squirt that on an opponent and the creature goes directly for them. 

There can only be the ONE

Review Continued


    They are quick matches and sometimes get pretty tense.  However, there isn't much else to offer and at times, it feels stale.  Not sure, but it has you yearning for just a bit more in the variety department.  Still, it's multiplayer and if you have the extra controllers, this is something you might want to get.  $1.99

3 out of 5 stars




     Are you ready for a whole new style of racing?  Get ready to be flung around the track.  This is Slingshot Racing.  You don't have a gas pedal.  What you do have is a rope (if I may call it that) and around each bend is a spinning wheel.

Slingshot Racing

Review Continued

      As you race, you fling your rope or grapple (grapple sounds better) and it hooks on the nearest wheel and pulls you.  At the right time, you release the grapple and hope you don't hit something that can slow you down.  Time it right, and you can pick up speed.  It's a creative concept for the sport of racing.

Game has an old man in it

Review Continued

    Single player can be challenging at first.  It does take some practice.  Thankfully, you can practice with up to 4 friends.  Yes, it is 1-4 player game.  That gives it a little boost in the ratings. 


3.5 out of 5 (the extra .5 due to multiplayer)

Is it worth the one can of oil?


     Mario and Lui...err, I mean Joe and Jim invite you on a platform adventure.  These plumbers.  Wait, sorry.  These mechanics will run and jump their way through several levels. 

The Other Brothers

Review Continued

     Don't ask me why, but instead of collecting coins, you want to collect pigeons.  They help keep you alive.  Don't expect the dragon/turtle King either.  Joe and Jim deal with the darker side of the world.  This includes gangsters, cops, and some barking dogs, along with other shady characters. 

Where are the bricks to break?

Review Continued

   If you are in to the platform genre, then this is an obvious choice.  I found myself enjoying this.  Made me reminisce about a similar game back in the day.  Of course, this doesn't have all the hidden bonuses, but I could see a franchise build.

Gamestick needs a mascot, right?  $2.99

4 out of 5 stars

Venison Jerky

FIST OF AWESOME Synopsis/Review

   Tim Burr must rescue his family in an alternate world from the clutches of nature's wildlife.  Thankfully, you are not alone.  Joining you is the talking enlarged Fist of Awesome. 


Review Continued

    This is a straight forward side-scrolling beat em' up.  Only, punches you in the funny bone with it's off the wall humor.  I won't spoil any of the jokes. 

Go back to hibernating

Review Continued

    Fist falls in the same trappings of most beat em' ups.  That is, the endless barrage  of enemies.  As clever as the game can be with it's humor, sometimes it seems the levels don't end.  However, if you are in the mood to punch a bear in the face, this is the game to do it. $3.99

3.5 out of 5 stars

2-4 Player

SPACE AX' Synopsis/Review

     Space Ax' is a 2-4 player game.  You will need at least 2 to 4 controllers.  You're a Viking gravitating in space.  Fling your ax at your enemies as you align with the stars.


Review Continued

    I played this with a friend.  It didn't hold our interest for too long.  Therefore, I feel I can't give an honest rating. 


Review Continued

    Just know it is a multiplayer and it is Free.  So take a chance and keep it or uninstall it. 


Ammo is necessary in this game

GUNSLUGS Synopsis/Review

   Gunslugs is another little gem from Orangepixel.  It is a straightforward run and gun fest. 


Review Continued

    Choose 1 of 2 characters to do your tour of duty and earn more along the way.  Expect a lot of destruction and many, many, many little objectives that can be completed. 

Recruit Rambo, I mean Rocko

Review Continued

    To top it off, it's 2 player Co-Op.  It's no Contra, but it will have to do.  Sometimes there is a little too much chaos on screen to know where your at, but it's not drastic.  $2.99

3.5 out of 5 stars

Are you a pinball wizard?

Momonga Synopsis/Review

    Momonga is a flying squirrel.  Find them in Japan.  This is a mixture of pinball, flying, and a little adventure thrown in.  Your village has been ransacked by the evil Owls.  You are all that is left.  With the help of a Panda, you train to prepare for the long journey ahead.



Review Continued

    Just like in pinball, except your squirrel is the ball, you roll up and press down and let your squirrel fly.  Use the Right and Left bumpers on your controller  to activate the bumpers on the screen.  Sometimes your level exits are blocked by obstacles or triggers.  You have to keep the momentum going until you can make it to the next section. 

Glide away between levels

Review Continued

     The sections can be quick depending on your pinball skills or they can take some time to adjust the angles.  If you are a fan of pinball then this will probably suffice.  There are some nice cut scenes between levels to help enhance the story.  Also, being Momonga's can fly, you are treated with some flying levels.  This helps break up the pinball levels.  Speaking of levels, any of them can be retried to better your score.  There has been some frustration with the controls, not bad, but its there.  It's always disappointing when you get so far, only to lose all 3 of your balls and have to start the level over.  Other than that, it's a good mix of a game.  Something you'd find on Nintendo.  $2.99        3.5 out of 5 stars.