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With what seems limitless amount of games out there, The Gamestick needs to jump at the opportunity and get the 3rd party developers to port their treasures to the Gamestick.  Besides the obvious, Double Dragon, I've added some other titles that would do well on a big screen with use of an actual controller.  (I'm only taking in to account the following games are mobile and majority are android based.)

Way of the Pixelated Ninja by Blaze Epic

Side Scrolling Beat em' Up mixed with Pixelated Parkour!  What more could you want.  Word on the street is, this just might make it to the Gamestick.  Let them know you want it!


A very fast paced Ninja game.  Go as far down and as fast as you can to reach the bosses.  Earn and Equip items to help along the way.

LA COPS by Modern Dream

Modern Dream already gave us The Button Affair and now there is a chance they may port this action strategy cop game.  Let them know you want it.

Mirror's Edge by EA

Put Canabalt, Vector, and the Button Affair in a blender and you get the mobile version of Mirror's Edge.  This game takes all 3 games mentioned and raises it up a notch.  Besides the stunts, you can stop and go back.  There is also multiple takedowns to inflict on your enemies.  One of the better touch screen controlling games, it would be even sweeter with a real physical controller. This version might only now be iOS.  The other version by Dice Martin is different. 

Swordigo by TouchFoo

I guess you can say its a Zelda Mario type game, but Swordigo deserves to earn its own spot.  You can't go wrong if you crave those platform games.  PLAYJAM...are you reading this?

The Ball by Tripwire Interactive

A first person puzzle explorer.  You are trapped somewhere far below and you stumble across a ball that  is controlled by a skull faced gun.  Use it to find your way out and defend yourself from the horrors that linger about.  The Gamestick's main competitor, The Ouya, already has this game, therefore the Gamestick should jump on board.

Contra Evolution by Coco Entertainment International

It's Contra.  Make it 2 Player Co-Op and your set.

PowerPros by Konami

The Gamestick has to get on the ball (no pun intended) and start porting some sports games.  PowerPros  or even Baseball Superstars by Gameevil inc.  would be a good start. 

Dynamite Jack by Galcon

You've been captured and put to work in the mines.  You take your chance to escape navigating your way through the various levels trying not to get spotted.  Collect accessories to aid you in your escape. 

Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer

Exciting Fishing! 

Papa Pear Saga by King

Another addictive game.

Sorcery! by Inkle

Everyone needs a Choose Your Own Adventure.

Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes

I haven't played this, but it is one of the main games I've been told about.  Turn based wandering game sounds good to me.

BEATDOWN by Ravenous Games

A fun little beat em' up.  It's no Double Dragon, but would be a great addition. 

Plague Inc. by

Spread the Plague.  Also visit

Zenonia (Series) by Gamevil

A popular action rpg series.

Hitman Go by Square Enix

Stealth Strategy games are always fun.

Knights of Pen & Paper by Paradox Entertainment

The ultimate pen and paper RPG simulation.

Asphalt 8: Airborne by Gameloft

Gameloft created versions to handle different sizes of android devices from what I understand.

Spike Masters Volleyball by RMC Spear

It's no Nes's Super Spike V'Ball, but it will do.

Jnes by Jabosoft

Should own the physical cartridges, and if so, this is a must.  Jabo was more concerned if Gamestick was really interested.  Gamestick???

The Dark Knight Rises by Gameloft

Gameloft again...?